Gotta be something

by Me In Motion

{gotta be something}

Everyone is thinking they´re something
If they don´t get it could make them nothing
It gets so hard just to keep my composure
Cause all the cool, they are wearing the same thing

If we have this or that they say that everything is gonna be fine
That´d be nice
You don´t really know exactly what I need I´m breaking those ties
Telling you why

I´m finally finding out
that I don´t just wanna be fine
I gotta be something
I´m running from the crowd
Cuz I know it´s all just in their minds
I gotta be something (HEY)

They don´t care what it is I´m becoming
Long as I get what it is they´re selling
I try so hard just to get some closure
Cause there´s gotta be more to life that I can bring

To keep on chasing something is nothing but a waste of my time
So don´t try
To show me all the stuff you think I need to buy to feel alive
It´s a lie

It sounds kinda crazy but I think I finally made up my mind
Now I wonder why it took me so long to decide
That it´s time

(I gotta be something)


Do you wanna get out
Or do you wanna stay in?
It´s obvious we need some rearranging
I´m finding out I don´t wanna be just fine
I gotta be something, HEY


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