Seek justice, love mercy

by Me In Motion

{Seek Justice, love mercy}

A million lives and the numbers climb
We go so numb and we close our eyes
Say a prayer and wonder
Who´s gonna answer their cries?

The easy thing is to close our minds
Drown out the noise of the world outside
But what if the answer to all this injustice
Is you and I?

How will we know if we don´t try?

Who´s gonna set the captives free
Who´s gonna love the refugee?
Our God is calling us to seek justice and mercy
Seek justice, love mercy

Will we choose to live selfishly
Or give our lives to the least of these?
Well, I wanna make a difference
That lasts for eternity

So let your heart move my feet


We gotta do what Jesus said
Comfort the broken
Give hope for the orphan
Love with all we have
He said what you do unto these, Oh you do it unto me


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