Yes we can

by Me In Motion

{yes we can}

I used to run around, round, round, round,
So lost in all of my doubt, doubt, doubt.
How is it possible to stay true,
When the whole world´s coming up against you?
But could it be,
That the Spirit in you and me,
Is the very thing that let´s us say...

Yes we can!
And it´s the reason that we raise our hands,
And when we fall we´re getting up again!
So when they say we´ll never make it,
Tell ´em, tell ´em, again...
Yes we can! (x4)

So take a look around, round, round round.
So many people knocked down, down down.
Now if you´re moving to the power of love,
Then take a hand and help somebody stand up.
Cuz on our own,
We are headed down a dead end road.
But our God is with us so we say...


So if you think you can´t take it,
And if you´re feeling alone,
Together we can face it!
So here we go (so here we go)
So here we go (so here we go)
We´ll let ´em know (we´ll let ´em know)
We´ll let the whole world know!

(Chorus x2)

(Don´t let ´em say that we´re too young,
Don´t let ´em say that we´re too weak.
Don´t let ´em say that we can´t do it)


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