Some lessons

by Melody Gardot

Well I´m buckled up inside
It´s a miracle that I´m alive
I do not think I can survive
On bread and wine alone
To think that I could have fallen
A centimeter to the left
Would not be here to see the sunset
Or have myself a time

Well why do the hands of time
So easily unwind
Some lessons we learn the hard way
Some lessons don´t come easy
That´s the price we have to pay
Some lessons we learn the hard way
They don´t come right off and right easy
That´s why they say some lessons learned
We learn the hard way

Remember the sound of the pavement
World turned upside down
City streets unlined and empty
Not a soul around
Life goes away in a flash
Right before your eyes
If I think real hard well I reckon
I´ve had some real good times



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