Raw sugar

by Metric

Sort of wonder why No one said a word
Don´t you like it on the sly?
Don´t you like it till it hurts?
Have I been on your mind? What´s a voice without a song?
Something in your head You´ve been fighting all the long...

I don´t want to say it, The news is not so good
We´ll never get away, And even if we could
We´d just play the tambourine Around an open flame
Oversleep and burn To be back in the game

´Cause summer never comes Nowhere near high noon
And winter never comes Nor the harvest moon

Raw sugar
I don´t want to die living in a high rise grave
My baby come home
(same black day, high rise grave)

No I´m not complaining, Yes it could be worse
Ferment on the wish bone, Match the lips to the purse
Neighborhood´s a runway, Fry the ass and thighs
Dirty diamond dealers, pushed behind the ire´s

Still I wear the red dress, Paint my toes and twirl
Take it back to old times, Back when I was still a girl
´Cause now I´m all baboon boys, Cootchie Cootchie Coo
Sort of wonder why I missed a kiss for you

´Cause summer never comes (same black day)
Winter never comes (high rise grave)


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