A little stroner everyday

by Michael Whitaker Smith

I was throwin´ away what I needed most
It was the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost
A little carnal knowledge is a dangerous thing
It´ll eat a hole in the brain
I´d be the biggest fool in the whole universe
To trade a heavenly blessing for a worldly curse
I was a weaker man ´til I made my stand
Now I am here to make a change

I´m running blind on the wheels of faith
(I´m) moving to the beat of a heart that prays
(And) hangin´ on every word you said
I get a little stronger every day

Ain´t ganna find any help on the T.V.
Or written down on the pages of People Magazine
It takes digging a little deeper into the Good Book now
For a little sacred advice...oh yah


Gettin´ strong, a stronger now, every day
Gettin´ strong, a stronger now, every day
I´m getting stronger



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