I can't help myself

by Miguel Angel Munoz

Thoug I had my act together
That I couldn´t get any better
Everthing I say a just right
Everything I do is air tight
But then I lay my eyes upon her
and my brain says to me
"What´s up"
And that´s really mean


I can´t help myself
everytime I see her I just
Can´t see nothing else
And feel so dum, from starding
Just can´t help myself
Somebody come to my aid
I´m losing my cool
But I can´t help myself

and my boys go gotta cool it
As if didin´t know
And my boys go : easy does it
Gotta wait three days to call her
Like I could wait one
Better yet : make her call ya
But the damage is done


What am i gonna do, gonna do now
What am I gonna do, gonna now
What am I gonna do, this bye-bye
To everything I knew
What am I gonna do, right now and what´s, my nxt move
What am I gonna do, I studder, eeh... studder every word I say
What am I gonna do, when a simple little line ain´t coming my way

refrain x2


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