Fort hood

by Mike Doughty

I´d rather watch movie stars get fat
I´d rather hang up a flag and be done with it
I´d rather keep the fire and the frenzy out of my mind

I´d rather take sides in an argument
I´d rather crank up the bass in a dark basement
I´d rather leave the mobs and the murder in a distant land

Let the sunshine in.

My vote´s a bet in a football pool
Five on the red, six on the blue
Wake up, fool, there´s no time for a shouting match

I smell blood and there´s no blood around
The blanked out eyes and the blanked out sound
I see them coming back; they´re motionless in an airport lounge

You should be getting stoned with a prom dress girl
You should still believe in an endless world
You should blast Young Jeezy with your friends in a parking lot


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