Wednesday (contra la puerta)

by Mike Doughty

Boats moored in the water
Green waves are rolling at the shore
Love to see them reaching;
Just want to stay; this joyous hour
Your sorrow is
To me tonight
So cold and bright

And I
don´t want to wait ´til Wednesday
So bright
So bright
And cold, this bitter long day

No se apoye contra la puerta

Beep Josh on Sunday
Charm him into driving in from Queens
Coming up the staircase
Bringing tiny envelopes to me

This night it is
The stars in flight
So cold and bright

And I
I want
To see my crush again, yeah
The magical correction
I dream; the world speeds on, yeah

Maybe I´m a loser
Maybe I´m the unsuspecting Lord
Maybe I´m a rapper
Maybe I´m just living by the sword


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