What's it feel like (is it good ?)

by Montell Jordan

Yo, Def Soul
Montell, M3
Yo, it ain´t over
It just begun

Let me know how it feels when I´m inside of you
Everytime I hear you say my name, scream and moan
I know we´re getting closer to

1 - The moment that we
Can´t stop cuz it´s getting too hot
The freaky things you say to me
Show me you like it, tell me

2 - What´s it feel like when I´m sexin´ you
Tell me baby
When I´m inside, is it good to you

Now when I´m touching you, tasting you
And doing all the things you like
I´ll drop down and I´ll kiss your thighs
And satisfy
Take your body there tonight, oh girl

Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

Is it good
Good to you
Let me know
Is it good
Is it good

Is it good (It´s so good to me)
Good to you (It´s so good to me)
Let me know (And I´ll tell you what it feels like)
Is it good
Is it good

Repeat 2
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

Repeat 2 while:
See, all the women in the world
All at one time
If you could hear
If you could hear what you
What your kitty´s sayin´ right now
If you can hear what ever woman´s kitty´s sayin´ right now
That´s what it would sound like
You´d hear it all over the world
You´d hear ´em say


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