B-movie scream queen

by Murderdolls

Another dead girl on the tube
She´s my Lilly Munster crawling from her tomb
Dark black circles around her eyes
Cold dead lips and a crooked spine
She´s the living dead, she´s a ghoulish fiend
She´s the deadest girl of my dreams
Loving her is like a lobotomy
A late night creature feature starring you and me

She´s evil as she wants to be
Shes´ evil and she´s meant for me

She´s a B-movie scream queen
My monster girl on the screen
She´s a B-movie scream queen
Oh yeah, oh no

Welcome to my nightmare, face down in the dirt
The bride of Frankenstein in a mini-skirt
And where she´s going they don´t know
But it´s going direct to video
Smile for the camera, open up your eyes
My monster girl´s too dead to die
She´s evil walking on the silver screen
She scares me to death, but that´s what I need

My Morticia, the one for me
My Lilly Munster, pale as can be My Vampira, my wicked bitch
My Elvira, getting so lovesick

She´s a B-movie scream queen
My living dead evil thing
She´s a B-movie scream queen
Oh yeah, oh no

I said oh no


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