Let's go to war

by Murderdolls

I´m the motherfucking wrench
Thrown in the gears
Everything was great ´til I got here
I´m a bad guy inside and out
Put your faith in me and I´ll spit it out
And I admit, I´m a basket case
With lipstick smeared across my face
Cocked and loaded, can´t shut me up
Blame it on the music to cover it up

Hey stupid, don´t suck your thumb
Take your diaper off and put your helmet on
Destroy til there is no more
Put your helmet on let´s go to war
Let´s go, let´s go, let´s go, let´s go

Some things are better left unsaid
But I´d like to see a bullet in your head
Charge the damage to my card
And I´ll see you on the Graveyard BLVD.
Have a boot to the face, it´s on me
Hard to talk shit with no fucking teeth
Spit ´em out, spit ´em out all in a row
So pucker up sucker here´s one for the road

Shut your face and open your eyes
Your whole fucking life was a lie
And everything that you stood for
Just had its ass kicked ou the door
Well I am rubber and you are glue
I´ll beat the motherfucking shit outta you
You´re pro-life and I´m pro-death
And I´ll throw you from the tree
And break your fucking neck


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