Baby it's yours

by Mýa

Baby it´s yours
No one does it better
Baby it´s yours
Make it last forever
You know that it´s yours
Long as were together
Baby you can rest assure
It´s yours, it´s yours

I never thought it would happen to me
I never thought I would feel this way
But you kissed me and suddenly
Now I´m going crazy
(going insane out my mind)
You´re all I´m thinking of
There´s nobody in the world
Who means as much
(the only one that I adore)
There´s no getting over
What´s in your mind


I never thought that you would be mine
I never thought that we´d be cool
But since you came into my life
I only think about you
(baby it´s true all the time)
Can´t get you off my mind
The only place I wanna be is by your side
(you´re everything I dream and more)
The one I adore
So what I´m saying, it´s yours


Who is on your mind
When it´s late at night
When you´re in your bed
And it´s your time
Don´t try to deny
I know you´re thinking about me all the time
Baby boo, I´m hooked on you
And I know I got you feeling it
(feeling it)
All I´m looking for one that I adore
So baby it´s yours



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