Can't believe

by Mýa

You told me that you didn´t love her anymore, oh
Then you turn around and you walked out the door, oh
Whether you go or if you stay babe
I´ll still be loving you any way
I know I just can´t stand the pain

And I can´t believe
That she´s the one you really love
And I can´t believe
That she has your heart
Cause it seems to me
She´s the one that you´re thinking of
And I can´t believe that he is gone
And she´s the one who took your love away

I can´t believe it´s true
That you´re not in my life, life
So tell me what did we go wrong, ooh baby
So now that you´re gone
All I do is count the days
I´m sorry that you didn´t wanna stay
But I will be loving you any way, hey


Sooner or later you´re gonna see
The mistake you´ve made baby
And you´re gonna run back to me
And you never should´ve made me cry
And boy let me tell you why
Cause you had the best, the very best
That´s why I can´t believe that you´ve gone away

Chorus til end


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