It's all about me

by Mýa

I cook yo dinner,I wash your clothes. Baby hell no thats not
the way it goes.Its all about me tonight. I ain´t stop luvin
you. cause you´re still my boo, you´re still my boo but you
gotta see tonight it´s all about me.Me,me,me

It´s all about me me me me me
forget about u u u u u
so whatcha gonna do do do do do
are ya gonna get it up get it up

Up jumps my bod nigga what nigga what
u know i caught yo eye checkin out my thigh
now swing my body right to left left to right u know this shit
looks tight
now just look at my body body unh huh and just hold me
like a man should (like a nigga should)
but baby u gotta see tonight baby its all about me

Do u know that i´m gonna luve u 4 life
so lets make tonight your night
my arms are open wide
so let me come inside hey hey
baby oh baby
is that what u want from me
(cause thats what i need from you)
baby oh
Chorus til end


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