What'cha gonna do

by Mýa

Yeah, Mya
Red Zone, wha-what?

It´s after midnight
And she´s on your phone (phone)
Saying come over
Cause she´s all alone (lone)
I could tell it was your ex
By your tone (tone)
Why is she calling now?
After so long

1 - Now what is that she wants?
Tell me what is that she needs?
Did she hear about the brand new Benz?
That you just bought for me
Cause y´all didn´t have no kids
Didn´t shared no mutual friends
And you told me that she turned trick
When y´all broke up in ´96

2 - What´cha gonna do
When you can´t say no
When her feelings start to show
Boy I really need to know
And how you gonna act
How you gonna handle that
What´cha gonna do when she wants you back

Repeat 2

There´s no need to
Reminisce about the past (past)
Obviously cause that shit did not last (last)
I know how a woman will try to game you (you)
So don´t get caught up
Because baby you´ll lose

Repeat 1

Repeat 2 (4x)

Tell me why she on the phone?
In the middle of the night
Tell me why she in your life?
Trying to get what´s mine
She don´t know me
She´s about to know me
I´m in your life
That´s how its gonna be
I´ve seen the broke ho
She ain´t even all that
So if you want her back
You can take her back
Cause game recognize game
I could do the same thing
Get it right, change
Or take back this ring

Repeat 2 (4x)

Yo, playboy right now, uh
Uh, Mya, think girl, think girl
What? What? What? What? Uh!
Red Zone, wheeooh


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