It yearns

by Mystikal

[Intro, some guy talking]
Old school niggas. (IT´S YEARN!)
True hip hop niggas. Ha, ha. (IT´S YEARN!)
This something y´all niggas can dance to.

[Verse 1]
I be a black muthafucka from the 12th ward
I want some bullshit niggas (?) hittin em hard
I hit em with more (?) I make em run
I made a lot of noise with the shit I done
I give y´all a chance to roll but y´all niggas can´t roll
Sit your ass down, let me show you how it go
I thought I showed you last time, when will you learn?
Watch what you ask for, nigga, IT´S YEARN!

[Verse 2]
The maniac brotha´s back with another dramatic track
Crossin my path struck you like you a black cat
Maniac, abused, used, and abused
Try your luck and bring a pack for the horseshoes
You got nothin to lose, it just might help you out a bit
Shit, I doubt it
You´re better off dead, goin head to head with a nigga like M-I-K-E
Your best bet´s to pack your shit
Calm your head, bleedin bitch
Sucka tragic you´ll never get none
You better leave cause you only get one
Chance to make a break for it
Uh huh, leave now or get the pow
Get the fuck out this area, I´ma have to bury ya
Mo thug, I draw blood
Whip that ass, leave ya face down in the mud
Militant, bitch I might be
But that´s a risk you take when you fuck with me
Headlocked, yo I dirt ya like a nacho
Shit you go, bigger than G.I.Joe
You ain´t know? I thought you knew
This time you can have it, it´s for you

[Verse 3]
Come on, come on
Well come away sucker fake MCs in the place
There´s only one Mystikal so make no mistake
Comin straight in your face, sucker MCs I hate
Rhymes bite you in your ass like a rattlesnake
Bout your screamin no way
Bitch you won´t escape
I´m like a boa ´strictor I kill, I suffocate
Hittin harder than Hitler, no slidin, no livin, no jivin
Got more niggas runnin and hiding than Batman and Robin
Takin out adversaries with rhymes I wrote
The sucker (?) I´m the antidote
I the conductor of shive rhymes
Stretch like elastic, pure fantastic
Lift off and burnin MCs like amino acid
Nigga please don´t try to battle, it´s suicide
Those who have time watch me I do survive
This is only a suggestion, so ask no questions
Try and digest my rhymes bitch you get indigestion
Wrote this as a lesson so you will know
Comin hard muthafuckas this physical
Be pussy bitches in my fans I brought a dime and
Understand I´m comin strong nigga harder than He-Man
With these hands, nigga laying face down on the curb

[Verse 4]
Some murderer got the nerve to talk about me
Bitch I never heard of ya
That´s a shame, you got the blame cause you´re blind
You know my name, the M to the Y, S-T-I, the K-A-L
Rebel, ya smell, ya fell, ya tell, ya sell, hotter than hell
Soft as hell, I might as well SPELL!
I´m a big marine, M-I-K-E, you figure weaker then me
I speak uniquely, how in the fuck do you plan to beat me
Ruler of hip hop, left ya shell shocked
Scare the fuck out ya like Alfred Hitchcock
Don´t wanna be bothered (..?..)
I´m a rough motherfucker from the 12th ward
Never left nothin undone, breakin jaws for fun
Cocky as Paul Bunyan, have ya cryin like onion
Flyin low, a soldier born, ya chicken´s choked
Explosive, bitch I´m the one that wrote this
I scream like rebel with the sword and snake
Your boss come to battle, it´s not your week
I reverse my verse, I love to curse
You won´t be the first muthafucker in the back of a hearse
Stomp, pop, clap, havin the last laugh
Then, I step back and grin at your dumb ass
Watch me burn, can´t miss my turn
Like, do you want it?


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