Step into this world

by Nerri

Step Into This World

1. Show me how to feel, it´s nothing, what could hurt me so
Everyone encourage me, give it up, give it up, give it up,
Hold up, hold on, don´t try to think
Stop! I couldn´t do it by my self…

Refrain :
Step into this world, too difficult for me,
One step forward, two steps backward,
I don´t know…
I don´t understand, what they really feel,
I´m fever, I´m stranger
I´m nothing what could hurt you more…
….what could hurt you more…
What could love you more…

2. Hold my heart in arms, forgive you, everything you did
Every minute you will say, I will do, I will be, I´m okey
Don´t lie, don´t cheat, don´t think, don´t cry
Stop! I can´t forget it anyway…
One step forward, two steps backward…
I don´t understand, understand, understand.
One step forward, two steps backward...
I don´t feel safe, because of you….


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