Brilliant lies

by New Years Day

I´m trying to sleep,
But this pain in my chest,
It´s keeping me awake,
And every breath I take,
Feels like it´s my last,
I want to be fine,
I want to be sure,
I want to be a lot of things,
And none of them include you.

I keep telling myself I´m not miserable,
I keep telling myself I´m better off without you,
I believed that you meant everything you said,
Good bye and thanks for the memories,
For the pain and lies
Every time I had to cry,
Goodbye and thanks for the memories.

I don´t understand,
Because it doesn´t make sense,
The way you broke it off,
Took away my heart,
Took away all my friends,
I want to go out,
And get out of this house,
But to begin again is gonna take more than I think I´d ever have to give.

I believe that I was so cleverly deceived,
By good looks, some charm, and a brilliant lie,
All the time that was spent being used I should have said,
Goodbye and thanks for the memories.

I want to know why you´re such an idiot,
I want to know how you can even live with it,
I want to know why I should even give a damn,
About you missing me so terribly,
I´m starting to sleep a little easier now,
Now that I´m over this,
And I´ve made up my mind to never fall in love again,
With someone like you, someone so confused,
I just wish I would have realized that a long time before I had


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