Waste of time

by No Fun At All

Let down with a sympathetic promise
never to be seen again
Got down for a fraction of a second
Now I´m fine
I don´t care ´cause I never stood a chance to me
I don´t know why it happens all the time
but I never have the time to grieve

Can you appreciate the life we left behind?
Or was it just a waste of time
I could abbreviate my life down to a line
I could abbreviate it now
United, so you´re saying sayonara,
taking every chance you get
Checkmate it´s the end of the story,
no surprise
The turndown was the obvious response
Yeah the one I could anticipate
I so wish you would leave me all alone,
but the repetition never ends

Can you appreciate the life we left behind?
Can you appreciate it now?


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