Through the fire

by Peabo Bryson

Silence takes over
Saying all we need to say
There´s endless possibilites
In the moves we can make
Your kiss is giving every indication
If this heart of mine is right

By the time this night is over
The stars are gonna shine on two lovers in love
And when the morning comes
Its gonna find us together
In a love that´s just begun
By the time this night is over
Two hearts are gonna fly to the heavens above
And well get closer and closer and closer
By the time this night is over

Lets take a slow and easy ride
Just lay back, and let love take us over
There´s magic here with you and I
And its gonna take us all the way
Lets find some kind of a deeper conversation
And darling if its right

A night like this may never come again
And you wont want this lie to end
Oh baby we can have it all
By the time this night is over

Oh, gonna wrap my lovin arms around you
Heavens gonna smile, gonna smile on two lovers


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