No more

by Pete Murray

He puts his hand down into his pocket
Pulls out a rose and hands it to his girl
She says, hey man (what you doin´) (what you sayin´)
No, I thought i told you
I don´t want you here no more
So go get out of here so I don´t see your face
Your the one who used to beat me to love you
And I don´t want you back again

No more........No more.......No more

Many times you swing that hand
But did you ever see the bruise you used to leave
I´d spend days, I could not go out,
Sometimes it would be weeks
So don´t come back thinking i´m okay
Cause really man, I hate you to the core
You´re the most gutless thing i´ve ever known,
Or ever saw

No more.......No more.......No more

(You can´t hide the scars)
(You can´t hide the scars)

So turn around and just start walking
Cause we got, nothing left to say
When you´re gone, you can be assured
My smile, is gonna´ come back my way
And i´ll wipe you from my memory
So you don´t exist in my day
But just remember i´ll still smell you,
A thousand miles away

No more.......No more.......No more


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