Who's next

by Porcelain And The Tramps

I´m not a bad girl, you´re just a prude
You´re a little bitch, and I´m straight up rude
I keep it blunt, while you beat around the bush
You like to hug and boy I like to push

You don´t have to like, cause I don´t like you
You´re too beige to knock me black and blue
I want it black and blue!

I wanna boy that tastes like wiskey and cigarettes
So who´s it gonna be, who´s gonna be next?!
He strokes my kitty cat like it´s his pet
That´s how I get the boys, I get them obsessed
So who´s next?
Who´s next?

On a wiskey diet only happy when I´m starving
Vicdons are my vitamins, slutty I´mma punch him
The girls are our haters, crush their faces with our elbows
Streamers has got you comin´ cause I know I got you´re booking

Word on the street is I´m out of control
But that´s cause I am
Cause I´m


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