Can't take no more

by Q Strange

[Verse 1]
I can´t take anymore I´m gettin´ depressed
And I feel this stress inside my chest
Its gonna explode I gotta load of shit on my mind I´m tryin´ to find
The answers to the things I need to succeed or survive
I´m tryin´ to strive, but I wonder why
Is it so rough, I gotta see defeat and times are tough
And I don´t want him to see his daddy gettin´ takin´ away in hand coughs
It´s all this stuff, these city kids they keep it real
But not keepin´ it real, is talkin´ shit and packin´ steel
What´s the deal? That´s how you represent? not me
I keep it real wit my family and I take responsibility
But I can understand why niggaz buck
Cuz it´s a fucked up world
But what if your stray bullet ever hits a little girl
I think about this shit as years go by like minutes
I know it´s bad now, but it´s only the beginning
Media tells me its better, but I see its gettin´ worse
I wanna ride around in limos, but I´m headin´ for a hearse
Suicide obeys my mind and sometimes I think it´s over
I don´t trust no one so I´m on point just like a cobra
Even if I know ya I don´t trust ya cuz I cant
You give ya soul to people and they just take advantage

[Verse 2]
Negative vibes vibrate through my speaker
See the way I rhyme I should be sayin´ somethin´ deeper
My tape that gets possessed by evil demons actin´ ill
Teachin´ kids how to rob, carry guns, sell drugs, and kill
I real artist, kick soul from the heart
Does art imitate life, or does my life imitate art
If it´s a part of your life express it, but don´t glamorize
This influence on young minds wanna do the shit I rhyme
Now that I´ma parent its apparent I should recognize
Negative affects that this has in my childs eyes
I apologize to my family and pride
And all the young teens I left emotionally scarred
I can´t take no more of the guilt paranoia
Never be a doctor, or a cop or not a lawyer
The only thing I got in this world is makin´ music
I´d rather rap about abusive shit than go and do it
But at the same time I write lines when I write these rhymes
I´m a grown man and a father am I wastin´ my time
Should I just stop and maybe change my flow
I don´t know, I´m at a crossroad I gotta choose where to go
I am not the man I was when I started this shit
Allota this shit, I see means the harder I spit
But since then I got a son who looks up to me
The image that I´m givin´ man it kinda fucks with me
Torn between a gimmick and respect from my seed
Well there ain´t no competition I ain´t driven by greed
So this is it, all the horror, the violence, the gore
I leave it behind I can´t take it no more



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