Impaled by metal

by Sacred Steel

Maniacs of speed and power - gather anxiously
Come together - sons of metal - warriors of steel
Celebrate our hymns of iron - shout out from the heart
Raise the horns - show your devotion - led the madness start

Storm up to the front row - join your brothers in the pit
Get high on adrenaline - the fires of hell are lit
Through and through the metal flows - the mighty gods we hail
Sacrifice you blood to them - by metal impaled

Rise up legions - from the grave
Rise up legions - strong and brave

If metal´s dead - the dead walk the earth
Straight out of hell into rebirth
We´re reborn into the light - impaled by metal
Passion born out of despair
We don´t fucking care what you believe, it´s right
Impaled by metal we´re tonight

Metal rules tonight

Listen children of the spirit to the truth we speak
Loudness - Energy - Aggression, It´s all that we need

We´re reborn in steel - united and strong
We´re reborn in steel - let the wargods guide us ever, guide us ever on

Join us in the fight!


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