Waver in darkness

by Sadie

You wonder in darkness and you´re crying.
You´re living while being frightend by something.
If something doesn´t change,you rot away.
What do you ask oneself?
Yourself know answer.
Do you understand a meaning?

You rise out of darkness and you´re laughing.
You become reality if I image it.
Let oneself civilize to be satisfied.
Surely and ideal should become reality.

You killed yourself and wake up your mind.

Spit out the truth hidden in your heart.
You need to be afraid of nothing.
Destroy all the visible obstacle.
Because you don´t tell a complaint.
Abandan own past,and you awake.

I will vent to a grudge of you oneself.
Wake up your mind and you stand up.
I will make paradice disturbed nobody.

If determination was made up,you should charge.
Because you need to be afraid of nothing,
have confidence.
Carry through what you decided by
oneself till the end.
Hope is surely found if you carry through faith.


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