A crimson coronation

by Siebenbürgen

Surreal this dance of shadows
Bestowed upon her soul
A bleeding heart, she wore
As a crown of her lust
Feeding on her nightmares
Creating her own birth
Transforming moonlight into gold

Shadows extending into the night
To hunt and haunt her
A sacrifice of vitrue, made her see

Flame burns deep
Blade cuts deeper
Shaping flesh and soul as one
Carving a new beginning
From death unleashed
From shadows spawned

A painted moon from scriptures old
Revealing truth through lies
Carved in stone and mixed with blood
Virtue spoiled and dead

Awkened beast, from death unleashed
Revealing lies
A crimson coronation made her see
Beyond the dream, reality
For all things to come
Supremacy, a sight for gods

Her majesties infernal
Elder ones now awakened
From death unleashed and darkenss spawned


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