The greatest medley ever told

by Sister Act 2 Cast

Girls: Hold on, hold on!
Hold on, hold on!

Deloris: Started my life
In a worn torn dress that somebody threw out.
I knew the way it felt to always live in doubt,
to be without the simple things.
So afraid my could see the guilt in me.
So I got a good job in the city.
Working for the man ev´ry night and day.
But I never lost a minute of sleeping
Worrying ´bout the way the things
Might have been.
I was a devil with a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress.
Devil with the blue dress on.
I was a ho!
Sugar pie, honey bunch,
you know that I love you.
I can´t help myself.
I love you and nobody else.
Wait! Oh, yeah, wait a minute Mister postman.
Wait! Wait Mister Postman.

All: Mister Postman, look and see
If there´s a letter in your bag for me.
I´ve been waiting such a long, long time.
Deliver the letter.
The sooner the better!
She wore an itsy bitsy,
teeny weeny,
yellow polka dot bikini.
Stop! In the name of love.
Deloris: But my mama told me,
"You better shop around.".

All: Whoo!
Girls the hustle!
Do the hustle!

Deloris: But it wasn´t enought, baby.
Because I needed cash.
I needed
All: Money, money, money, money.
Money, money, money, money.
Deloris: I was a bad girl.
Talking ´bout the sad girl.
Freak out!
Mister Big Stuff.
Who do you think you are?
Mister Big Stuff,
you´re never gonna get my love.
But he did! He got my coat,
He got my love,
He got my cousin pregnant,
and when I tried to throw him out baby,
you know what he did?
He whipped out this great big…

All: Shotgun.
Shoot him ´fore he runs, now.
Do the jerk, baby.
Do the jerk now.
Deloris: Hey, I had nowhere to run to, baby.
Nowhere to hide.
I had nowhere to run to,baby.
Nowhere to hide
Girls: Hallelujah!

Deloris: Nothing you can say could tear me away
From my God.

Girls: My God.

Deloris: Nothing you can do ´cause
I´m stuck like glue to my God
He may not be a movie star,
but when it comes to be happy,
we are.
There´s not a man today
Who could take me away from my Good.

Girls: What´d you say?
Deloris: There´s not a man today
Who could take me away from…

Girls & Nuns: I love Him. I love Him. I love Him.
I love Him. I love Him. I love Him.
I will follow him,
follow him wherever He may go.
There isn´t an ocean too deep,
a mountain so hight it can keep,
keep me away.

All: away from his love.
´cause we are family.
I got all my sisters with me.
We are family.
Get up ev´ry body and sing.
We are family.
I got all my sisters with me.
We are family
Get up ev´ry body
Get up ev´ry body
Get up ev´ry body and sing


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