Flowers and silence

by Sneaker Pimps

We´re always too always in doubt
Works on me
She´s nowhere she mainlines helps me out
Now I can speak
Was heard not seen wasted nothing´s free
Was black was bruised fucked up twenty two

I´m amazed you eat you sleep you function at all
´Cos my aim´s so weak I´d fail to get into my arm

Was made the first to laugh
Tried but the tribute short changed kindness
Flowers and silence
Was made the first to laugh
Charmed but the weather broke me sober
I´ve never been colder

Seen braver seemed braver since then
But never been
No favors no saviors no sense
It´s not in me
So nothing´s free ghostdrunk out of reach
So action this cared less never missed
And you preach you teach did I learn you nothing at all
I´m too dumb to see but you stooped for someone this small

You´ll always be closing me down denied me remind me I´m sold out
Just skin and teeth
Left black and bruised fucked up nothing new
Was heard not seen wasted so nothing´s free


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