Ghetto love

by Spinnerette

Hey now, there now,
It´s a game to be played out amongst
Thieves of the heart and the whores of the ego

Hey now, there now
Kiss everyone´s ailments
See them rise up, exalt and illuminate

Humanity is a deer in the headlights
The road is covered in blood
Free yourself with a dagger from above
A crossbow of faith

You sold your heart
For the primal experience
Gave up on love for a
Medal malevolence

You fill yourself with
The fire of innocence
A karmic stain will bring back through the gates again

Oh how I wonder what will become of us
I´m just a girl out looking for love

You want in me what you see
Is a testament
You never know when you love
What you´ll manifest
I´m Joan of Arc on a mission
Avenge loves death
I´m gonna win
I´ll never give in


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