Everything changes

by Staind

If ever you had said to me before

That I would live this life that I am

Living now I guess it´s all so strange

To feel the way I do inside but

Have so much that I could feel some

Pride for in my life so why is it that

I feel like this

How do I feel? I´ve been here before,

I´ve felt this

Retreat to a place, a place within me

I need this. Keep it all down, bottled inside

It breaks me to torment again and

Torture me like it used to

I try and try to break away from all the hate

I´m feeling for everyone of you that´s ever

Done me wrong. I need to justify the reasons

For the way I´m living. I guess I can´t cause

I don´t feel like I deserve it

So now the waves they have subsided

And my soul is bleeding I can´t take away

The shame I feel, forgive me


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