by Staind

I force myself through another day
Can´t explain the way
Today just fell apart like everything
Right in my face
And I try to be the one
I can´t accept this all
Because of you I´ve had to walk away
From everything

I´m afraid to be alone
Afraid you´ll leave me when I´m gone
I´m afraid to come back home

Another sleepless night again
Hotel room my only friend
and friends like that just don´t add up
To anything
And I try so hard to be
Everything that I could never take away from you again
I heard you say

{au Refrain}

I cannot forget
I live with regret
I live through this
I can´t see through this
I can´t do this anymore

{au Refrain}

Afraid you´ll leave me when I´m gone
I just wish I was back home


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