by Staind

The walls around me caving in
Cracked and gray Remind me of myself
I need some help There´s no one else
I´m empty Addicted Pissed off
And still afraid
Of what you Have left me To live in
This mess you´ve made
I Feel Useless, Jaded, Nameless.
The ride is over I´ve come down
Hate to be
Can´t rely on myself, for my own health
To just say NO
I´m fucked up
And drained
All of my Deep rooted Fears
seem to get The best of me
I Feel Useless, Jaded, Nameless.
I hate the way you fuck with me
You can´t rely on open eyes to see I force these
painful visions from my head
You won´t be happy till I break down
I Feel Useless, Jaded, Nameless..


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