Stripper girl

by Steel Panther

I met you down at the Seventh Veil
The first night that I got out of jail
Your lips were red and your skin was pale
You were the one that I wanted to nail


I asked you for a table dance
You came over and put your hands in my pants
I ain´t lookin´ for no wild romance
but by the way: hey you got any blow?

Stripper girl
Heaven sent, pay my phone bill, pay my rent
Stripper girl
I love you, all my friends really love you too
I really love your boobies

I wanna love you til the end of time
I wanna love you in a 69
I wanna love you where the sun don´t shine
Hey, where´d you put that coke? Cool.


Take my cock into your backdoor
I wanna fuck you fuckin´ whore
I wanna jam it in and out at a real fast pace
Til I squirt hot juicy all over your face

Stripper girl
Heaven sent, take one look and I pitch a tent
Stripper girl
You´re the best, up all night on crystal meth


Sometimes you think that I´m a jerk
When you catch me fucking your friends from work
I´ll be there to catch you when you fall
If you buy me an iPhone you can give me a call

Guitar solo

I really love you baby
I wanna watch you dance
I didn´t mean to fuck your friend
Give me one more chance

Stripper girl
On my lap, hope I didn´t give you the clap
Stripper girl
I need some cash, get on stage and shake that ass
Stripper girl
Heaven sent, thanks again for payin´ my rent, yeah
Stripper girl
Stripper girl
Stripper girl
Stripper girl
Stripper girl


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