Chooz u

by T.I.

[Verse 1 - T.I.]
They say love blind, so why can´t I picture this guhl mine?
Yea I dig her but I figure, I´m wastin this guhl time
I´m runnin from relationshipz, scared to commit
Mad at monogamy, sexually, I´m a misfit
But this shit´s... way too much fo me
Usually I can take´em and make´em a cut buddy
Yo mama probably see me, and say that I´m no good
I was born in the burbs, I was raised in the hood
We from two seperate sides of life, two different backgrounds
Shawty been legit and I just started to rap now
I ain´t tryina act now, I´m bein real witchu
Really, I just wanted to kick it and chill witchu
But the picture got bigger, ´fo I could even paint it
Thoughts got deeper befo´ a nigga could think
A playa like me on this, strange ain´t it?
One thang bout yo feelins is this, you can´t change it
Yo preception on me, I don´t think I can maintain
We flirtin with disaster, this game we playin iz dangerous
You the best thang that happened since I don became famous
But sometimes I think we shoulda remained strangers

[Chorus - Jazze Pha]
I... I chose you baby
(Stay with me now, stay with me, sing it fo me shawty)
I, I, I, I... I chose you baby
(Ah, come on, uh, uh, uh c´mon)

[Verse 2 - T.I.]
I like you to persue, but still I respect it to let it go
Give it time, give it room to breathe and let it grow
I´ll just tell her when I´m ready to change, I´ll let her know
Hate to say it, but til then be friendz and nuthin mo
Evendoe anotha time, anotha life, anotha place
I swear I know we coulda been great
But rather than great, you lil heart take the smile of yo face
So I can treat you righ, I´m willin ta wait
And ain´t shit fake, I know it sound funny comin from a felon
But I think I got a piece of whuz up in heaven
So to keep from, blockin mah blessings, think I better back up
Last thang a nigga need now is bad luck
But if my life was perfect shawty, I´da had her
I guess, I guess I don´t deserve it, ballaz tell me you ain´t worth it
So I gots to hit the surface, I´ll holla when I holla
Act like I don´t wanna see ya, and I´on wanna call´er

[Repeat Chorus 2X]


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