by T.Mills

Girl you must be a Gemini, cuz you love it when there´s two of youDon´t tell me babe if it´s cool with you, wanna guess that while I´mscrewin´ youMaybe Aries, fire signYou like it rough no time for loveI knock ´em down, you line it upThey say life´s a bitch, mine´s fine as fuck ohhI bury it, them panties read SaggitariusIf you give it up, I carry itYou like kissing girls, Katy PerryingTell me what you looking for

Tell me why you cameTell me why you´re here drinking all the champagneI´m with that, I get thatI bench press, I lift thatI wrap it up, I gift thatYou movin´ girl, huh shift thatFuck you takin´ pictures forPut away that Kodiak

Twisted off that ConiacTryna fuck you in your Zodiac

So high (so high),
So high (so high)
It´s like we fuckin´ in the stars fu-fu-fucking in the stars
Oh my (oh my), oh my (oh my)
Yea, baby just follow me
You know I gotta thing for Asstrology-strology, asstrology
You and all that asstrology, asstrologyYea

Are you a Capricorn or a CancerHold up, don´t answer, I just thought since you was a dancer and you offsoon so what´s afterOh word though, you a VirgoDown to cum from what I heard thoughGood weed let it burn slowYou like freaky shit, then you a ScorpioNails all in my back, you must be a LeoSwimming in the sheets, huh watch me do a backstrokeYou know what I´m looking for, you can entertainI´m lookin´ for a sign, is it tatted on you frameI´m a pussy magnet

And girl you so attractiveHittin corners in that pussy like I´m swervin´ out of trafficAquarius or PiscesMake it an all night thingIt´s four of us if you a Taurus gettin´ blown up on my tour bus


You can be my horoscopeTell me how my night´s gon´ beI´m tryna figure out what nobody knowsSo come and put it down on meYou got me



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