I still love h.e.r

by Teriyaki Boys

[Kanye West (Ryo-Z in background):]
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen
You´re so privileged right now to be in the presence of
The truth (The days)
The creator (I praise)
The originator of this style (It´s a shame)
Accept no immitations
Kanye To-The (The days)
With The Teriyaki Boyz (I pray)
Big Money League in effect (It´s a shame)
I-I-I-I still love H.E.R.
I-I still love H.E.R., Hanto E. Rap

[Verse 1: (Ryo-Z in background)]
I remember anokoro wo omoikasu pen
I´m a mo iro asenai Memory Lane
Deai wa School Daze nori de day moushikon demo
Say he´s just a friend
Mori ni break
Are kara mainichi kimi ni tegami shitatameru
Tame nai chie shibori bokyabu wo drop
Daremo ga hotto, kyashinai hodo hot
Na baby, wo rock, suru I´m a ja boku no job
[Wise:] When They Reminisce Over You, my girl
Torimaku raibaru tachi tono sci-fi
Kimi to asonde itanda maiban
I remember (I remember)
I remember (I remember)
I remember back in the day, high tops haite
Sugureta MJ no Dunk Shot kakete
After school, kimi to futari no park
Yofuke made odotte takke
Next day, jugyou chuu, as I read my S.A.
Kokoro komete ne
Futari dake no himitsu vocabulary
Chiribameta roburetaa
Tashika ni
Tsuuji atte ta O.P.P.
Dekinai uwaki
Teiuka zokkon maji honki
Anna ni
Aishi atte noni
"What happened girl? "
[Ryo-Z:] I remember
[Wise:] I remember

[Pre-Chorus: Verbal & Wise]
Got a lot of soul and you know that your on my mind
Mada mada bokura wa kimi wo oikaketai

[Chorus: (Ryo-Z in background)]
[Verbal:] We used to play the games (The days)
[Illmari:] Yuragani, my love (I praise)
[Wise:] Hade, na paper chase (It´s a shame)
[Teriyaki Boyz:] Demo
[Kanye West:] I still love H.E.R., Hanto E. Rap
[Verbal:] We used to play the games (The days)
[Illmari:] Yuragani, my love (I praise)
[Wise:] Hade, na paper chase (It´s a shame)
[Teriyaki Boyz:] Demo
[Ryo-Z:] I still love
[Kanye West:] Hanto E. Rap


[Verse 2:]
I remember once again, all the times that we spent
All the words that you said, mada kizamarete
I´m a demo can´t forget
How you let the rhythm hit
Represent dokashitetane just to get a rep
Sonna koro ga fresh
Demo I´m a de ha all about the
Ikka ku senkin, ´bout the benjamins
About the mesaki no seiko bakari
Ryuu shutsu seiki rara pose on the internet
You know the whole repetoire
Kuchi guse wa kukumei
Datta no ga I´m a dewa, "Money makin´"
Atari mae no you ni time´s racing
Dakedo ano koro no
Days, remember?
[Illmari:] I remember
[Verbal:] I remember
I remember kake meguru omoide
Koko de hodoite
Gutto kuruyou na omoide
Nagamete mae no hou ga poi ze
Choice is yours, na no ni poison
Erabu no wa doshite
Kimi ni moshi deru I still love
Tell me why
Hoka no ko wa hayari de Passin´ Me By
Shiteku kedo kimi dake only one
Do what you like
If that´s your style
Sonna I´m a no kimi to odottetai
Mada owachattanai
Kore ga hajimaridatte
Remember, kimi wa Hanto E. Rap



[Kanye West:]
I know
I know
I know

[Verse 3: Kanye West]
This is what y´all
All looking for to
This is more than historical
Anything that I say that is audible
Ought to blow, just like a chick givin´ oral, yo
Lick the black, get the cream, like a Oreo
Hit the track, get the C.R.E.A.M., same story, yo
Trick that on Armani Emporium
It´s more important, though
Yes sir
My aura is orchestral, but way fresher
Cause I simply throw a symphony
On a SMPTE, but I know
That niggas steal beats
So after I emcee
I empty
The M.P.
So I can stay out of reach
They used to say, "You´se a producer"
I´m glad I never listened to you losers, cause now, I´m in
Shibuya, buyin´ somethin that´s, way too exclusive
Ra-ra-ra-ra-rappers are in danger
This floor is from a manger
But meaner than Lucifer
Yeah, and this is the new drug
I´m the new high, y´all want ya weed back?
Yell, "I still love H.E.R., Hanto E. Rap! " (E. Rap...)
E. Rap




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