by The Agonist

Stillborn pride - let me hide!

Once more I´ve stepped across the line,
Repeating to myself that everything is fine.

Once more I´m shipwrecked far from shore.
This time the war and blood and gore are
Mine. Approaching the end, thinking it´s all
Pretend. Then - clarity, so close to me. Although
I knew I killed me to I came back to life.
The key is flexibility. Guard your strenghts
ANd drown the rest: out of mind, out of sight.

The chains on my wings... still tight but
Loosening. The age of wondering led me to a
Place never revisited again.

Stillborn pride - Spare my mind!

Don´t regret all of your past - you can´t
Change. Tears dry but they´re never your last -
That won´t change. The first stone has just
Been cast - Show restraing.

You can´t take all my apathy.
You can´t take such a tragedy.
You can´t brake all my fallacies.

Let serendipity.

Okay - so things don´t always go your
Way. We may see things for what they
are someday.

So things don´t always go your
Way. See things for what they
are today


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