Angels don't fall in love

by The Bangles

I saw you today
She´s lovely
You´re such a heavenly pair
You hope and you pray
Someday she´ll take you all the way there

You should know better, darling
When push comes to shove
Angels don´t fall in love

You stand at the gate
Hoping to gain admission
How long are you willing to wait
She won´t give permission tonight

You´ve got your higher aims
Got your ambitions
You think you´re spiritual
And on some mission
Well, I can see it when I look in your eyes
When you think of love
You think of compromise
It´s no big disgrace
There´s no loss of grace
The trouble is there´s always someone there to take your place
And the trouble is you don´t believe that it´s true
When the sun goes down there´s something left for you
The trouble is I see you missing so much
While you´re knocking on all the wrong doors
Looking for some angel´s touch
You think she´s everything you´re dreaming of
The trouble is those angels never fall in love


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