The best years of our lives

by The Black List Club

Oh oh oh...
We had the best years of our lives
But you and I, we never be same
September took me by surprise
And I was left to watch the seasons change
Oh oh oh...
It´s been so quiet since you´re gone
And everyday feel more like years
Sometimes I wish I could move on
The memories will all just disappear

So many things I should´ah
Said when I had the chance
So many times we took it all for granted
I never thought this could ever end
I never thought I´ll lose my best friend
Everything is different now
Can we stop the world from turning
I never thought I´ll have to let you go
I never thought I´ll ever feel this low
I wish I could go back
Can we stop the world from turning

I´m looking back on better days
When we were young, we thought we knew so much
And now it seems so far away
I wonder if, if I was good enough


Gone are the days, when we swore we´ll never break
And now I´m left here alone
Oh Oh Oh...

oh oh oh..


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