Happy birthday

by The Click Five

Hey you
i know i´m in the wrong
time flies
when you´re having fun
you wake up
another year is gone
you´re twenty-one

i guess you wanna know
why I´m on the phone
its been a day or so
i know it´s kinda late
but happy birthday

yeah yeah whoa oh
i know you hate me
yeah yeah whoa oh
well i miss you too
yeah yeah i know
i know its kinda late
but happy birthday

so hard
when you´re far away
it´s lame but i forgot the date
i won´t make the same mistake
i´m so to blame

now you know
don´t hang up the phone
i wish i was at home
I know its way too late
but happy birthday


it´s not that i don´t care
you know i´ll make it up to you
if i could i´d be there

[Refrain x2]


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