Clumsy heart

by The Matches

We, before there was we
she only she, me merely me
lonely our diaries

Walking, walk, walking away
just to lift a leg to start is the hardest part
I turn and trip on my clumsy heart
I always trip on my clumsy heart

...we were in two halves, we didn´t quite match
she ground down my corners, kissed me for the foreigners spilling their drinks down the nicest clothes they packed

She´s always just inches from me
inches on a map, distance or destiny
will you will, will me away
"goodbye" is no good, time to say who should stay
I know a dive hiring nights near Japantown

We, then there was we
calls only calls, cellular fees
we tragically reread our diaries

We were terminal at the terminal
we shed all out metal, kissed me for the federales
scanning our bags for contraband and blades


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