by The Red Fires

An angel passed in the night
But he´s ever going
An angel who beltch out light
In my dark heart who´s cryin´

An angel flying in the sky
But where are you going
Are you from paradise
Where you´re the most wonderful thing

I am lookin for her

It´s a rainbow in my life
Who´s shining as the sun
Beautiful hope in my heart
Who sometimes goes far to burn

It´s a blossom on a tree
Who´s dead for a long time
Butterfly red and gold
On a feeling who never die

And I´m looking for her

Sometimes a stunt of brown hair
Is flying near the hills
Suddenly I plunge there
In a black velvety pupil

So a hand long and fine
Is going to touch my soul
So I fly in the sky
Baby now I want to cry

Now I know that I´ll always looking for her

An angel came in my night
And now she´s lighting the sky
There´s no more light
An angel is in paradise


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