Chase a rainbow

by The Seekers

Can´t make up my mind where you might hide away from me;
Everywhere I´ve seached, and still I can´t make up my mind.
Maybe I´ll stay here, maybe I´ll go;
I don´t know what to do.
It isn´t easy seaching around;
I can´t believe it´s true.
Oh, no, now.
When I awoke I opened my eyes,
And when I turned around,
I found your note pushed under my door;
You´d gone without a sound.
Can´t make up my mind.
So you had gone, no word of farewell;
I didn´t realize.
I may have hurt you, I couldn´t tell;
It wasn´t in your eyes.
Can´t make up my mind.
Can´t make up my mind.


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