Elephant song

by The Strokes

I want to sit in bed
And time in a hand, I will be the one
And he´s alone outside
And in your face I won´t be arranged
And in this bleakening
The end of time is all that I had
He´s all alone again
And in the end I´ll still be alone

In your eyes
And it´s no sacrifice
Giving what I am
To the faces me that is this

I´m going on my way
But I don´t spend enough time with her
And it´s alright to snow
Cause I´ll find ways to live without
He´s all alone outside
But your face is just like the one
And in this bleakening
He gets me, scared of

When I thought I´d known
But I can´t give to something I´d known
And in this time, alone,
Is me, right, but I´ve been alone
And on your death I say, he said


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