I can't win

by The Strokes

That was you up on the mountain
All alone and no surrounding
Working on, they got you breaking
Laughing at the life you´re wasting
One, two, all tries won´t do it
You do it all your life and you never get through it
Everything you´d like to say
Get a raise in just one day

Good try, we don´t like it
Good try, we won´t take that shit

Oh, I can´t win

(things in a bar, a lot of people do / danger, our lot of people do)
When no one wants to talk to you
Failing can be quite a breeze
You told me that these girls were easy
I´m happy that you said you knew me
Felt unlucky when you found me
Some times come up in to end it
Yes, I´ll take it

Wait now, by the sidewalk
Hold on, yes, I´ll be right back

Oh, I can´t win

Yeah, I´ll wait for something
Cool it, we won´t take that shit
Good try, we don´t like it


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