In her prime

by The Strokes

Well I lived this life and I was just seventeen
This house was built on mama´s broken dreams
And it took me by surprise
When she looked me in the eye

And I arrest these teachers for what they had read
And give all your money to the living dead
Like a call girl in her prime
Arriving just in time

And I am a sentimental man
I try to reach to God with just one hand
Rejecting offers to be with you
Only does it´s you
Keep you by your side
A new way to wave goodbye
And I´m waiting
For my lady

And I´m redefining what they should not percieve
Upon their big arrival and they´ll cheat on three
Take them as you are
If you wanna ask me for some more
I´m taking your days
In her prime
Just in time


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