Don't violate

by Three 6 Mafia

[Intro] {How many, how many talk that shit} [repeated throughout the intro]
Three 6 Mafia
Frayser Boy
Yeah, yeah it´s going down
You know what I´m sayin´?
A lot of times we use the word bitch
That goes for niggaz and hoes
Whoever violate, gettin´ faced wit´ that bullshit
Here´s what you do

[Hook: DJ Paul + (Juicy J)]
Put your foot up they ass (what)
Foot up they ass (what)
If these bitches actin´ bad
Put your foot up they ass (yep) [2x]
And tell that hoe (Don´t violate me hoe, don´t violate) [4x]

[DJ Paul]
Now niggaz man they try to copy the Three 6 but they too sloppy
You boys is fakers, nothin´ but carbon copies
When we step up in the club, niggaz they play dead
´Cause of raps and all that bullshit that they said
It ain´t nothin behind your mugs but some motherfuckin´ hugs
Y´all niggaz nicer than grandmas and fuckin´ ladybugs
Yall haters shakin´ like booties up in a strip club
I´ll cut your head off like Al Queda in this bitch WHAT!

[Juicy J]
I aint playin´ wit´ you niggaz
I´ll put my hands on you niggaz
My foot will stand on you niggaz
I thought you knew we pull triggers
So why you testin´ me bitches
You must be tryin´ to get stitches
All on your forehead, you´re cold dead
For fuckin´ wit´ pimpin´
I´ll take the back of a gun
Hit you, you startin´ to run
Split you wit´ two fuckin´ halves
You mad runnin´ your tongue
I ain´t no hoe that be likin´
Bustin´ and fightin´ and bitin´
I´m like a Tennessee Titan
Tacklin´ and bringin´ the lightnin´ bitch!


[Crunchy Black]
See I´m quick wit´ the pistols
Shootin´, ain´t missin´
If I catch you slippin´ then I´m going to get you mister
I ain´t gon´ miss ya
I´ma go and split ya
No evidence, witnesses, no pictures
Talk that shit bro
Told you I´ma get ya
Hit you in the head wit´ the tip of the pistol
Yea´ I do it big, shit I´m playin´ wit´ your sister
Like eskimos, leave you froze in a blizzard

[Frayser Boy]
Pick his ass up, drop him off on his last breath
Fuckin´ wit´ the hypnotize, you gon´ have a fast death
Real niggaz, yeah we is, you can come and find out
Frizzle´s on that bay, I can show you what my mind ´bout
Three 6 got me on now I got to keep a tone
´Cause they haters now my haters, if we have to beef it´s on
Most of y´all been hoes, Frayser Boy´s ten toed
Leave his ass in the past nigga like Nintendo, whoa



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