Poppin' my collar

by Three 6 Mafia

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Now every since I could remember I been popping my collar
Popping popping my collar, popping, popping my collar
Every since I could remember I been working this hoes
And they better put my money in my hand

[DJ Paul]
Now when it comes to getting bread I got the keys to the bakery
A lot of dudes swear they play man they some fackery
Let me catch a girl up out some work in my site
And believe I´m gonna be at you in the daylight with a flashlight
I´m trying to get paid however money is made
A lot dudes like to pay ladies to get laid
But me I ain´t no pimp, I just love to borrow
Paper from a fat bitch, an ugly bitch, a model for real

[Juicy J]
Well you know me by the Juice man hanging out with Big Triece
Standing on the porch, drinking liquor, drunk, smoking weed
Trying to get a paycheck, but work that ain´t came yet
That´s why I stay in a girl ear to keep that pussy wet
So I could get paid and relax in the shade
And say fuck a nine to five ´cause a nigga tired of slaving
It´s never easy for a player in the hood on the come up
If I meet a girl with three kids or more she get done up


[Crunchy Blac]
She´s just another hoe that I met in the hood
I told her I was Crunchy Black and it was all good
She might as well go on head and suck on my wood
And let me whisper something in her ear if I could
I got some hoes out there bringing your boy back some good
That ghetty green you know what I mean that bitch is understood
Ain´t having to shout at no motherfucking slut
You know I´m acting bitch make cut a fucking rug
You better get out there and get my money in the woods
I´ma hit you in your head and leave your ass with a plug
You know I gotta have, gotta get my money what
These hoes out here be fucking for a motherfucking dub, FREAK BITCH!



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