When i pull up at the club

by Three 6 Mafia

[Juicy J - sample from "Slob On My Knob"]
Does it real good
Does it real good

[Chorus - Mr. Bigg sample from "Yeah I Rob" x2]
Now when I pull up at the club I´m lookin so clean
Se-se-seventy seven Cut Dog painted lime green
To-to-today I´m married and my wife don´t play
If ya want-if you want me to treat you ugly bitch you gotta pay

[DJ Paul]
Can it be Rolls that pull all these hoes
Or could it be my Cadillac wit 20-inch Vogues
Can it be my manison in Memphis jacuzzi
Or could it be my crib in Florida on the beach
Can it be the ten million records that I sold
Or can it be the first one that ever go gold
Whatever it be like y´all jaw cause I don´t stop
Continuously to make a ho draws drop, yeah

[Juicy J]
I used to always wonder why my girls have fits
When I walk up out the mall they be lookin at me pissed
Maybe just becuz I ball ridin eight or nine whips
And my name is Juicy J and I ain´t payin no bitch
When I was broke as a joke they didn´t wanna get wit me
Till I bought a Maybach now they all wanna lick me
Wit a Playboy mansion downtown in the city
And the hoes lined up like ninety centy pennies

[Chorus x2]

[Paul Wall]
I got the candy drippin stains off the Range when I´m switchin lanes
I´m in the slab glass house swangin grippin grain
They tellin me I´m the mane stangin licks to make a gain
Livin life in the fast lane gettin money I can´t complain
These boppers see me ridin swangin wanna taste the fame
But you gotta break that bread wit me baby I´m married to the game
I fell in love wit stackin change I´m addicted to countin cash
I ain´t worried bout naan ho I ain´t concerned wit naan ass
I´m bout that dollar get it right I´m not out here lookin for a wife
I´m out here on that top flight on the grind all day and night
I´m a baller I´m a pimp I´m a thug and I´m a hustler
If you want some of this lovin break bread girl you a customer

[Chorus x2]

[Crunchy Blac]
See she´s a freak ho let me tell you all a-bout it
I met her in the Valley and the valley ain´t Cali
She tried to act shy but I knew she was bout it
Hotter than a summer day when it ain´t cloudy
She say she want cheese but thats no doubt it
She just another ho I´mma hit then I´m out it
I´m just like Jody out the back door see
Hidin my face cause her old man know me

[Chorus x4]


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